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29 January
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Hey :) I'm Laura, a 20-year-old graphic design student, from Buenos Aires, Argentina. This is an icon journal, other types of graphics --and more icons-- can be found at my community: stol3n_kisses. These are the places where I store and share my stuff. Everything here is for taking, and I'd like to be credited in return. It helps to get other people to come here, which is my main intention: to share my graphics with as many people as possible :) I also like for people to comment and let me know what they think about my graphics-- I appreciate feedback as much as I need it to keep improving my work. So all feedback is welcome. Textless icons I post here are not bases, (unless I say otherwise but I don't really think I'll be posting bases), so no editing of my icons whatsoever. Also, feel free to friend my journal for future updates... Hope you enjoy my graphics. ♥


Layout: made by tasha from premade_ljs. I edited the background image adding the title of my journal.
User info banner: made by x__annika, I added the text and changed the coloring a bit.
Resources: (for brushes, textures, etc.)
shoegal_icons, feikuai, ch_photoshopped, iiokua, acidroses, fall_out_grrl, sir, rockstarculture, ca_pris, sensi_incanto, ewanism, ohfreckle, masquerade_arts, icon_collide, shellybear665, undersea_design, blossombunny, daisukicons, jadedicons, ownthesunshine, mutsie_brushes, creamuts, famouslstwrdsxx, rainharbour, unwritten_icons, mrs6, xonlyashesx, erniemay, dearest, vicons, nokitas, on_thin_air, candygurl1718, tragic_icons, instant_caps, darkicedphoenix, papermache, wizzicons, ruthenia_alba, tihana, pensieve_icons, go_clo, sweet100x100, jukeboxxed, xenylamine, addicted_smiles, artphilia, papayacrazy, memora_obscura, prisonbreakhd, impari, vivmuffin, risha_art, gypsy_blue, axecons, cdg, silverlining_xx, wicked_avis, wonderland__, spiritcoda, bolshevists, Static-Romance.org
Icon table: The icon table code I use in my posts was made by eveningsky

Thanks so much to all of them!

My community

If you like my work, check it out! You'll find more icons, and graphics of all types by me and windkissed. Visit stol3n_kisses and join today!